MBA Course Economic Analysis for Business Decisions

Part I: Competition & Monopoly

Class 1:Consumer Demand: Thinking on the Margin
Class 2:Firm Supply: Thinking on the Margin Continued
Class 3:Supply & Demand I: Where Do Prices Come From?
Class 4:Supply & Demand II: Why do Prices Change?
Class 5:Application: Externalities
Class 6:Supply & Demand III: International Investment Decision (Class-Based Discussion)
Class 7:Monopoly I: Introduction
Class 8:Monopoly II: Market Segmentation
Class 9:Monopoly III: Sources of Market Power (Class-Based Lecture)
Class 10:Monopoly IV: Value in Supply Chains

Part II: Economics of Strategic Behavior

Class 11:Game Theory and Oligopoly I: An Introduction
Class 12:Game Theory and Oligopoly II: Price Competition Simulation
Class 13:Game Theory and Oligopoly III: Repeated Price Competition & Product Differentiation
Class 14:Game Theory and Oligopoly IV: Cournot (Quantity) Competition & Anti-Trust
Class 15:Game Theory and Oligopoly V: Dynamic Games and Strategy
Class 16:Strategic Pricing I: Consumer Self-Selection
Class 17:Strategic Pricing II: Menu Pricing & Bundling
Class 18:Economics of Negotiations
Class 19:Incentive Contracts